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Confessions of a Photographer

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Sometimes I feel inadequate. As a photographer, I truly appreciate the artistry and creativity that is put into a professional photography session. When a former client has gone to (gasp) another photographer for their photos, sucks! It can really hurt. It makes me sad and offended, and even...Why did they go to that photographer instead of me? Were my images not good enough? Were they, (dare I say it out loud) bad??? I'm sure there are many other professionals out there who have had the same thoughts. And as I reflect I know all of these terrible thoughts and feelings are unwarranted!

So I take a deep breath and reflect for a moment. I think about the first time I ever picked up a camera and took those first photos I was paid to do. My style has changed a lot since that time, dramatically! My creativity is different. My lighting and tones in my images are different. And I know I will always grow and learn new ways and new techniques, so I will continue to change as an artist myself!

And in most cases, my clients' style tend to change with me, and most of them come along for the ride. And I have realized that although I might have been the right photographer for someone 4 years ago, doesn't mean I'm the right photographer for that same person today, because we all change! And its's OK! So I remind myself as I keep trying to grow this business, to keep my chin up and to use my energy into doing what I love and focusing on the people that want to grow with me! Thank you to all of my clients, friends, and family for supporting me and valuing my work along the way! I owe it all to you!!!!!


Sommer :)

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